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Private Bar Concept

The Private Bar Concept, PBC, is a unique traveling venue with a primary focus of providing experiential wine tasting and food pairing in a simple and fun manner through hands-on teaching events. After all, it is drinking which should be enjoyable not intimidating! PBC is where rules don’t rule, as the idea was created to lessen the fear and boundaries around wine while enjoying the learning experience.

PBC's secondary purpose is to make your next trip to a wine shop/department, special event or dining experience more informed through awareness of the vast array of varietals, the characteristics of each and by understanding what your palate likes and dislikes. 

We offer wine consultancy and education in a fun, relaxed and artistically stylish environment whereby you will learn a little and appreciate a lot about wine and food pairing whether a novice or an aficionado. We cater to all; individuals, retailers, restauranteurs, hoteliers and corporations.

Additionally, we have an extended family of partners which include various chefs, wine growers and key suppliers to help make your event or establishment offerings as customized as you would like. You can contract with us for your next wine consultancy, private event, social gathering or corporate gala.

We look forward to your new and engaged experience with us!


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